Web Apps: Transforming Your Idea into a Product

Web sites and web apps often start out as ephemeral ideas given form by solid engineering. But not everyone has the engineering skills, time, or resources to make their wild ideas a reality. That's what I'm here for. Often, I can transform your idea into a working prototype within a day. It's a great way to get your MVP (minimum viable product) out the door, and a great opportunity to jumpstart your new business idea.

Websites: Materializing Your Concept on the Web

Whether you are an agency looking to implement a client's website or a company planning to launch anything on the web, I'm here to make that happen. I have a solid background with many major content management solutions, and I bring a lot of experience to the table regarding web technologies in general.

How We Work Together

When you give the go-ahead for us to work together on your project, this is what the process looks like:
  • Briefing and Budgeting Phase
    Depending on the project's scope and complexity, we'll need to do some work together defining the flow of our project - this includes a budget as well. My daily rate is $ 1280, but we can also define a fixed budget for the entire project or for the next milestone. This phase includes defining a timetable as well.
  • Prototype
    Next, I'll set up a development server where I work on your project. You will receive the address of that development site, so you can periodically check in and provide feedback. Usually, I plan on getting the first workable version of our project out very quickly so we have a basis for further decisions.
  • Iteration Phase
    The iteration phase is a cycle where you provide input and I work on new features and refine existing parts of our project. Often times, the decisions made during the iteration phase turn out to be the most important - which is reasonable because it's always easier to judge concepts based on a concrete implementation as opposed to an abstract idea.
  • Delivery and Deployment
    When we jointly come to the point where we feel the project is ready, I'll send you the invoice for the budget we previously agreed on. Upon receipt of the money, I will transfer the projects code, documentation, and all the related digital assets to you. Optionally, I will also help you install the project on your server or provide assistance during deployment.
  • Ongoing Support
    Ideally, I like to form long-lasting relationships with my customers, and that includes both maintenance and ongoing support. This can be an informal understanding (which is appropriate for smaller projects) or a more full-fledged maintenance contract, depending on your requirements.

Contact Me

  • I'm always available via email:
  • Human Languages:
    English (fluent), German (fluent)
  • Current Timezone:
    CET (UTC+01:00)