About Me

I am a nerdy, scientifically-minded software developer from Germany with a lot of curiosity about the world. I started writing code when my parents bought me a Commodore Plus 4 home computer at age 10. It came with 64 kilobytes of RAM and could be programmed in BASIC - and it changed my life!

Articles I've written: On GitHub: Some informatics works that influenced me greatly:

Semi-Random Things

  • Programming languages and runtimes I like to use:
    JavaScript, PHP, Lua, Ruby, C/C++
  • Favorite pieces of the web stack:
    MariaDB, NginX, PHP-FPM, Node.js, jQuery, Three.js, Pixi
  • Operating Systems:
    Linux (server), OS X (workstation)

Contact Me

  • I'm always available via email:
  • Human Languages:
    English (fluent), German (fluent)
  • Current Timezone:
    CET (UTC+01:00)